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A series of premium book journals

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Paper and Ink Trophies

Premium Book Journal

This 550-page hardcover book journal can accommodate reviews and impressions of 250 different books, and includes several pages to jot down your TBR list, DNFs, and more!

Designed to blend in or stand out on your bookshelf, the fitted cover and dust jacket feature elegant designs, each with a different aesthetic to choose from.

*The stenciled edge design appears medium grey when the book is closed, and dark black when the pages are shifted slightly.

For a video walkthrough and tutorial related to this product, check out this YouTube playlist.

For bookish merchandise related to this product, check out this listing.

For a free PDF template to help you print off book cover art to fill your journal, go here. (Tutorial on how to use the template is found in the playlist linked above.)


The original edition of this journal (hardback with 500 entry pages) has a design flaw which has now been fixed for future editions. If you have one of the original formats, please check out this notice for details about the changes, and tips for how to best use your book.

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