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Who doesn't love a gorgeous notebook?

From lined to dotted options, black and white or colored, all these have decorative edges and insides. Take a look at them all!

*Unlike most of my other books, these notebooks are exclusive to Amazon

Newest Releases!

Dual Edge Lined Notebooks

Each notebook features 2 opposing designs that shine depending on how the pages are shifted or turned. When the book is closed, you get a fun combination of both!

notebook dual edge Certified Bookworm.png
notebook dual edge Pretty in Purple.png
notebook dual edge Fire and Ice.png
notebook dual edge Night and Day.png

Painted Wings Notebooks

These lined & dotted notebooks are bright & beautiful additions to anyone's collection!

butterfly notebook square pict duo.jpg

Colored Ombre Notebooks

These lined notebooks each feature ombre printed edges.

Ombre Notebooks 2.1.24.png
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