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Where to read my books for FREE!

(Library List & More)

Image by Iñaki del Olmo

From day 1 on my journey as an indie author, I made it a point to have my books accessible to the public. Here are a number of ways you can grab my books for free or for next to nothing!

Newsletter Freebies: Make sure to sign up for my newsletter for updates on sales, free promotions, and giveaways. Some books and bonus scenes are *only* available to newsletter subscribers!

Sign up for my newsletter here.

Sign up to ARC Read: ARC readers get a pre-publication ebook copy for the purpose of reading and reviewing!

Sign up for my ARC team.

Public Libraries: ALL of my books are available to request at your local library. (Well ... they probably won't order you a one-time-use book like my coloring book or book journals, but you know what I mean.)

Here is a list of libraries I know have ordered my books at some point.

If you request my book at your library and they order, please let me know here so I can add it to the above list!!!

~Tips to make requesting my books easier~

My stance on book piracy: I don't support piracy. There are a dozen avenues to get books for free that don't require theft. Piracy hurts authors, and authors put everything they have into their work and deserve to pay their bills. Even if you never would have purchased their book, you are hurting them. No ifs, ands, or buts.

If you can't afford one of my books and your library won't order it, I would rather you private message me with a request to read and review it than have you steal it. My contact information is listed below.

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