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Books by J. Houser!

Seeder Wars is a Young Adult Contemporary Romantic Fantasy series.

It features a complete trilogy and a spin-off duology, with three more novels in the works.

Fully immerse yourself in the Green Lands with the coloring book and bonus material booklet!

For content/trigger warnings, pronunciation guide, and bonus book information, use the 'Seeder Wars' dropdown menu.

Magic in the Match is a series of sweet romance fairy tale retellings featuring a diverse cast of characters. As standalone stories, they can be read in any order!

Trophy Book Journals is a collection of 250-book reading journals to keep track of your reads. These beautiful premium journals fit in with your other novels, and stand out with stenciled edges. Great for any reader and any genre of books.

Painted Wings Notebooks are a pair of colorful, lined notebooks, printed in full color both inside and on the page edges.

The Plotter's Planner is a great writer resource to organize your schedule, writing goals, and/or your plot lines. Great for both 'plotters' who extensively plan out their stories, and 'pantsers' who fly by the seat of their pants as they write!

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J. Houser enjoys the thrill of asking "What if..." and turning dreams into shared adventures through writing. Take a look around to see the exciting works available to delve into, whether a published novel, or still a work in progress.  Sign up for notifications on upcoming projects!

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