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Releases May 27, 2022

The Heir of Exile, book 4 in the Seeder Wars series, can be read as a series continuation or as a standalone/alternate entry into the series. While it's recommended to first read the Seeder Wars Trilogy, the trilogy is not required reading to understand & enjoy Leah's story.

*The Heir of Exile does contain spoilers for the trilogy.

Click on 'Seeder Wars' above for more information, and content/trigger warnings if desired.

Releasing the same day: Click on 'Seeder Wars' then 'Bonus Books' to check out Seeder Stories & The Green Lands Fantasy Coloring Book!


A Complete Trilogy!

With the recent release of book 3, Unitas: Trio, the central Seeder Wars trilogy is complete!

More books in this series are in the works that take place before, during, and after this trilogy, including some of our favorite beloved characters and many new ones!


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