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Seeder Wars is a Young Adult Contemporary Romantic Fantasy series.

It features a complete trilogy and a spin-off duology, with three more novels in the works.

Fully immerse yourself in the Green Lands with the coloring book and bonus material booklet!

For content/trigger warnings, pronunciation guide, and bonus book information, use the 'Seeder Wars' dropdown menu.

The Hatanii Bride, is a short Fantasy Romance novelette inspired by Polish folklore, written in a Polynesian-type setting.

Paper and Ink Trophies is a 500-book journal to keep track of your reads. This beautiful premium hardback fits in with your other novels, and stands out with stenciled edges. Great for any reader and any genre of books.

Make sure to check out the alternate cover hidden under the dust jacket!

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This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Fri, October 14 2022 8:15 PM MDT. To check it out on Kickstarter, go HERE.


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