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Seeder Shadow Wars

Seeder Wars Trilogy, Book 1

Dating & High School: Hard Enough. Now Add Assassins.

Avoiding assassination wasn’t on Mel’s to-do list for her junior year.

Learning she wasn’t human hadn’t made the list, either.

An only child with overprotective parents, Melody Walters just wants a drama-free year—and to be able to date. She gains the interest of more than one suitor, but doesn’t realize any one of them could be an enemy on the hunt. For her, the dating scene could prove deadly.

Mel discovers she’s a member of a botanical race, forced to hide their daughters in the human world until they mature enough for their powers to bloom. Something goes wrong with her blooming process, breaking her cover and jeopardizing the lives of her protectors and the large family she’d never known about.

With the enemy threat ever-looming, in a rush to master her new powers before she’s stranded in the human world forever, Mel struggles to decide who she can trust and if the sacrifice being asked of her is too great.

~Available in ebook, paperback, and hardback. See 'Shop' at the top of this page to purchase.~

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Mel could sense the smallest of movements, the currents that flowed around her. Waving her hand, she perceived the disruption she was capable of making as her gesture cut through the sea of oxygen, causing waves that dulled to ripples before continuing on their path.

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Trouble in the Green Lands

Seeder Wars Trilogy, Book 2

The Game is Changing.

It’s been three years since Saff made the life-changing decision to embrace her Seeder nature and move to the Green Lands. She loves her job, her husband, her Seeder family, and everything about this enchanting new realm. Life couldn’t be more perfect. Except for the disturbing new war tactics displayed by their enemies, the Ivies.

Rachel's senior year in high school is anything but typical. Discovering her true identity as a Seeder means learning new abilities, hiding from Ivy assassins, and preparing to leave the human world behind. But something's not right with her powers, causing crippling self-doubt and leading her to make unlikely allies. Rachel's ready to join the rebellion, helping to put an end to centuries of unrest amongst the green folk.

But people and promises are rarely as they seem in a war filled with secrets and misdirects.

Far from being on the same page, Rachel and her new mentor, Saff, realize they can only take the needed leap of faith by trusting each other. The ultimate goal for them both is to stay alive, find out who they can trust, and just maybe, if they can manage that, they can stop a never-ending war.

~Available in ebook, paperback, and hardback. See 'Shop' at the top of this page to purchase.~


"You have to start somewhere. Every wildfire needs a spark."

Saff twisted her lips in thought.

"I guess we'll soon see if she lights a beacon of hope with that spark, or if it's only a sign that she'll crash and burn."


Seeder Wars Trilogy, Book 3

Anticipated Release: March 2022

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