Book Reviews

Don't we all need some review love and exposure?

Writing by the Water

Being an indie author is HARD (Don't I know it!)

To try and give back to the community, I'd like to offer limited opportunities for reviews and exposure.

Please ensure you read all of the guidelines before submitting a review request.

My reading preferences: (More likely to get reviewed)

YA or Adult





Things I can't stand: (A hard sell or absolute no)

On-page sex or rape (erotica or otherwise)

Lots of swearing

Dark i.e. dark fantasy, horror, suicide, abuse

Poorly-done miscommunication (please no intentionally stupid characters or major plot conveniences!)

Also not accepting right now:

Middle Grade or younger


Format Preferences (In order)

Audiobook or physical print book

epub or mobi file

Audiobooks or physical print books are 10x more likely to be selected because I already spend too much time staring at a screen.

Regarding Romance* I prefer more sweet/clean. (I'm ok with more than a simple kiss, but like to stick with PG/PG13.) I prefer M/F. To get an idea of romance tropes that I love vs can't stand, you can check out my YT videos on my JHouserWrites channel.

What you have to offer isn't listed? There are a lot of genres out there that I really haven't tried. I'm the kind of person that usually orders their trusty favorite from the menu. That said, sometimes I'm surprised. The first time I beta read a superhero manuscript for someone, I was pleasantly surprised by how much it pulled me in. Feel free to pitch it and we'll see.

What I'm offering:

-You provide a free copy of your book (after I agree to review it) and I provide a free review.

-Reviews may be featured on my blog here, in my newsletter, on Amazon, Goodreads, a dedicated Youtube video, Instagram. All of them, some of them, none of them. It depends on what you want, how much I enjoy it, and what I'm feeling at the moment.

-Responses and reviews are not guaranteed (positive or otherwise.) I'm busy. I'm a mood reader. I struggle with mental health and ADHD. Has it been a while and you haven't heard anything? Feel free to send a gentle reminder email to I might have spaced it. I might be in a funk and not functioning well. If you send a dozen emails, I will block you and vow to never read for you. <3

-My current goal is to hopefully complete an indie review 1x a month. So... I'll be picky.

-Reviews will be honest and fair. As a fellow writer, I tend to read more critically. But I'm not the type to write a flippant or sensational review full of snark. If the review is likely to be more negative than positive, I'll reach out to you first and may give the option to not make a public review.