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Delays, delays, everywhere you look ;)

Book 1 in the Seeder Wars Series is out! Have you picked up a copy? Have you left an online review?

If you've read it all, you'll note in the back that it says you can pick up book 2 now...


There was that small issue of having to move all of my belongings to another state the day after the release of Seeder Shadow Wars. And settling in/unpacking.

And my parents both catching covid (both fully vaccinated...) and my mom spending time in the ICU. She's been discharged and they are both still struggling to recover.

So, going through my editor's line & copy edits took significantly longer than I'd hoped for :( Luckily, they've now been completed and it's with her for final proofreading. Then I can FINALLY order proof copies from the printers and get print editions up for preorder, as well as another preorder giveaway! So make sure you're signed up for my newsletter to be notified of when that all goes live!

Thank you so much for supporting my journey!

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